Welcome to the Province of Québec

  • Located in the eastern part of Canada, Québec occupies a territory nearly three times the size of France, or Texas!
  • Québec is also known for French being the dominant language, as opposed to English in the rest of Canada.


Weather in August

You can expect very pleasant temperatures during the day in August. The average maximum daytime temperature in Quebec City in August lies at 23.0°C (73.4°F). The average minimum temperature goes down to around 12.1°C (53.78°F)

If you enjoy blue skies and sunshine, then this is a great time to go to Quebec!


Quebec is also one of the oldest European settlements in North America. Quebec City was founded on July 3rd, 1608, by the French explorer, and diplomat Samuel de Champlain. The word “Kebec” is an Algonquin word meaning where the river narrows.

Although Canada has both English and French as its official languages, Quebec is the only province that has only French as its official language. However, English is also widely spoken in Montreal!



Montreal is known as Canada’s cultural capital and is home to world-class museums, international festivals, art, culture, history, and amazing food. Montreal is the second-largest city in Canada.

Québec City

Quebec City is the capital city of Quebec. It was named the capital in 1867 when Canada was created. It is the oldest French-speaking community in North America. Quebec City’s 400th anniversary was celebrated in 2008. The oldest part of Quebec City was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. It received UNESCO status as it is the only North American city to have preserved not only its ramparts but bastions, gates and defensive works that you can still see around the old city.